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Neilpryde & JP have gone hardcore with Freestyle with the signing of world champion Steven van Broeckhoven and the development of a new Freestyle sail called the Wizard for 2013.  For those who loved the Firefly and don't want a hard core Freestyle sail, don't worry for 2013 the Atlas will be very similar to the old Firefly in the smaller sizes and in the large sizes the Wizard will perform and feel similar to the Firefly.  

However, for those who really want to be on the plane earlier than anyone else and powered to pop the latest freestyle move then look no further than the Wizard!!!   

Come on into SHQ now to check it out and have a demo - Happy Days!

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April 29, 2019

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June 28, 2012

You’ve impressed us all with that psointg!

Luke Meyers
Luke Meyers

June 14, 2012

Was lucky enough to demo the new Wizard 6.1 on the new JP Freestyle 100 2013 up in Port Douglas recently in 18-20 knots cross shore bump and jump conditions. First thing I noticed is the increased amount of bottom end power compared to the 2012 Firefly.This is one grunty powerful sail that accelerates very quickly! The perimeter tension has been increased from the Firefly, resulting in more solid even pull on both hands and lots of speed. Highly recommended for 80kg plus sailors.

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