This weekend is shaping up to be a good one for our wave clinic.   

The forecast looks like good wind Saturday morning and all Sunday with a small swell on Saturday building to a mid size swell by Sunday afternoon which will be perfect for progression through the clinic.  Should be a great weekend.

There are still a few spots left so give us a call now to lock it in.  We've added an option of paying $120 a day just for the coaching for those who don't want to stay down the whole weekend or are looking for a cheaper option.

Thinking about hitting the waves but don't have the right gear or not confident to give it a go?  Join our winter wavesailing clinic!!!  Email to lock in your spot.

SHQ Clinic

SHQ is running a clinic at Sandy Point this winter for all levels of wavesailors. If you can consistently waterstart, gybe and plane around in the footstraps then you can start to get out in the waves!

Sandy Point is the perfect location to push yourself in fun conditions due to the shape of Waratah Bay. Cross to cross-offshore wind conditions (ideal for wavesailing) can be found between in any wind direction between West and South Easterly.  We have picked August to run the clinic as we typically see strong West to North West winds – offering flexibility in terms of locations to sail with varying sizes of waves (smaller in the corner of Waratah Bay and bigger at Sandy Point front beach).

The clinic will be run by two of our team riders – Al McLeod and Jono Bouillir who can teach you anything from the finer details of getting over white water to landing your aerials and loops.  They will be on hand to give you advice, answer your questions and capture your progress on camera. SHQ will also be providing plenty of the latest wave gear for you to demo.

This clinic is all-inclusive so accommodation and meals will be provided, Jono (also a qualified professional chef) will be cooking up a storm after a big day on the water. At the end of the day we can go through the photos and video captured to analyse technique and give you tips for the next day of action – it really is a much faster way to progress! You will also be able to take your action shots home with you to show the friends and family and the end of the trip.

We want to see more people getting out and enjoying the great wavesailing conditions Victoria can offer so register your interest now – email


Some of the topics we can cover:

Analysing conditions.

Choosing suitable gear for the conditions.

Rig your equipment right!

Wavesailing in strong vs. light winds.

Light wind technique.

Getting out through the break and over white water.

How to catch waves.

The difference between wavesailing and ‘sailing in waves’.

Basic bottom and top turn technique.

Increasing your wave knowledge.

Basic jumping.

Getting worked – how to wipe out and save your equipment.

Generating speed.


Fast and powerful turns.



What you get:


Fully catered meals.

Demo Gear from – Neilpryde, JP, Simmer, Gaastra, Tabou and K4 fins.


Photo and video analysis.

Professionally edited action shots.

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April 09, 2015

My experience with Better Life Medical Weight Loss has been great. Lilly and your staff are exeenlclt and very friendly and competent. I’m back because you kept in touch with me for my birthday, christmans, ect.


April 05, 2015

Sometimes we fail to properly aicntipate the impact walk in patients have on our schedule and we are working on resolving those issues. The simple answer would be to not accept walk ins but we want to maintain flexibility for our patients.


April 05, 2015

I love that your staff takes the time to talk with me about progress, fstiuratrons and options. They are always so nice and don’t make me feel rushed and on that the answer to my questions are not rehearsed on something they have to repeat 10 times a day. You have the best staff!

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June 19, 2012

Hey Joffa – Yeah don’t let the cold get in the way of a good time. New Flashbombs are pretty awesome – dry in 15mins so no more putting on wet cold wetsuits :-D


June 15, 2012

Fletch sounds like a great excuse for to pick some new Rip Curl winter rubber for the southern ocean I will be in to see what is on the shelf soon.

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